“The Big K”

As I was introducing Aidan’s (4 years old) morning pre-k lesson a few weeks ago, I realized that he was looking over my shoulder as if he was longing for more…more excitement, more enthusiasm, more learning materials. How could that be? I mean I was reading the directions in my very best “Mommy-Teacher” voice, super bright smile included! I searched his little eyes for answers and then it hit me like a ton of bricks! He was bored…bored to pieces! Apparently, he was totally over pre-k and ready to make the leap into kindergarten! How did I miss it?! I mean I’m completely hands-on when it comes to his daily homeschool lessons yet I missed it! As I was pacing back and forth…contemplating life and the added pressure of being in “The Big K”… his big, brown eyes were fixed on me…a bit puzzled yet certain that he had said exactly what he needed to say without speaking one word. I returned to our write and wipe table where he was seated, eagerly anticipating my next move and said, “How do you feel about starting kindergarten?” His face lit up literally as he replied, “Mommy, I’m ready for big boy school!” So we searched our homeschool library shelves and pulled kinder curriculum for a lesson that day! We officially have a kindergartener and I’m beyond proud of him for expressing himself and making such a bold leap into his educational future!


  1. Awww, How exciting, I have a newly 3 year old ( Birthday was yesterday) who is starting Pre-K and is super excited to be doing work like the bigger kids ??

    • It is exciting! The Big K is a really big deal around here! How sweet! I just love when kiddos are excited about learning!

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