Trace and Write Numbers 1-100 1st Edition

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Trace and Write Numbers 1-100, provides extensive focus on number formation for the beginning writer. There are more than 1,200 individual number tracing units in the book. The full-page tracing and free-writing format allows for additional practice opportunities. Numbers 1-100 are separated by sets of 10 for tracing, followed by free-writing practice pages. Free-writing pages allow the student to actually write numbers without tracing. Once a student has adequately mastered each set of numbers, they may move on to the next section or skip around as comfortable. This comprehensive number tracing and writing workbook will help your child learn to write numbers quickly, in preparation for the early addition and subtraction activities they’ll have in kindergarten and 1st grade. This book is a great companion resource to current number tracing activities for students who need additional practice.

ISBN-13: 978-1512149791

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