Rod & Staff English 7 “Building Securely”

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English 7 has 125 lessons divided into 11 chapters. The first two chapters deal with sentence parts and sentence construction. Object complements and subjective complements are introduced.

Chapters 3-9 focus on the parts of speech. Verbals, progressive and emphatic forms of verbs, intransitive verbs, restrictive clauses, conjunctive adverbs, and so forth, are introduced. Ample sentence diagramming practice is included. Chapter 10 teaches concepts about capitalization and punctuation. Italics, single quotation marks, and ellipses points are introduced. Chapter 11 deals with using numerous kinds of reference books, studying words, and studying word families.

Some of the new composition skills taught are guidelines for proofreading, character sketches, and note taking. Paragraph construction outlining, letter writing, story writing, and poetry are taught at deeper levels.

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