“Mad Scientists Monday”

We recently overhauled our entire homeschool schedule in order to include even more hands-on learning as requested by our kiddos! “Mad Scientists Monday” is a huge hit! It all starts with a simple research question and soon becomes a full-blown science experiment to include: background investigations, forming a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, analyzing data, drawing a conclusion, and reporting findings. Our most recent experiment, “Squirts of Color,” was so much fun and easily modified for leveled learning. Kennedy (6), Destinee (11), and Aidan (2) were on a quest to find out “Will a gel food coloring and water mixture separate when frozen?” Here’s a look at how we set up and conducted our experiment:


“Squirts of Color”

Materials Used:

  • 1 star shaped sorting tray
  • 1 ice cube tray
  • gel food coloring (magenta, orange, teal, purple)
  • 5 x 1 oz plastic containers filled with warm water
  • Wacky Water Droppers
  • science journal

Fill the 1 oz containers with warm water, add 1 drop of gel food coloring to each container (we added one drop of each color to our final container) and wait patiently for it to dissolve. Once the gel food coloring is fully dissolved, transfer water samples to the ice-cube tray (use a dry erase marker to label each sample), pop it in the freezer and wait! Remember to allow your “mad scientists” to visit the freezer often to observe and record all of the awesome changes as they occur!

What are you and your little “mad scientists” up to? Please share! Until next time, Be Blessed!

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  1. Mine are 12 and 14 we are going to do some dissecting this summer starting with the frog, big beatle, and worm. My girl wants to be a doctor and my son wants to invent a better computer and Internet system but he has the mind and skill set to become a doctor. We study the human anatomy and both children enjoyed it. My son very interested in Ob/gyn.

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