Let’s Chat About It: “Not So Good” Days

Hi! I’m so excited to be chatting with you all today! Before jumping in to discuss our forum topic, I would like to thank you all for your sweet prayers, kind thoughts, and words of encouragement over the last month. Our “Gra8 Peeps” rock!?
I previously mentioned that I usually start each day with a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. Some of you guys were curious as to exactly what those plans entail so let’s chat all about it! Plan A is our “normal” routine with our kiddos staying on task and completing all assignments in an orderly fashion. No adjustments are necessary. Believe it or not, this does happen quite often in our homeschool. Moving right along to Plan B. I have a “mini” arsenal of educational DVDs, board games and “fun to read” books! When our kiddos are off task or just having a “not so good” day, I rely on my “mini” arsenal to pull us through. After about an hour or so, I gently guide our kiddos back to their planned studies. Now, there are times that neither Plan A or Plan B works and that’s ok! We have to remember that as homeschoolers, we can adjust our schedules as we see fit. If we need to push everything to the side until after dinner or until the next Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon due to “not so good” days…that’s ok! We have the ability as well as the flexibility to do so! That’s exactly what Plan C consists of, rescheduling for a later time. If schedule changes make you a bit nervous or cause the “inadequate homeschooler” feelings to surface then consider this…If you or your kiddos are experiencing a “not so good” day, which we all have from time to time, how much are you actually teaching and how much are your kiddos actually retaining in a “hostile” learning environment? Until next time, Be Blessed!


  1. Hi Erica. I emailed you a long time ago(summer I think), when I first started this homeschool journey. I can relate to a lot of the issues you are going through. Sometimes we have a plan D day. That’s when my son Does what he wants, and I just homeschool my daughter. It’s hard to believe that so much anger can come from an 8 year old boy. I have to constantly change how I homeschool my son. What worked today, might not work tomorrow. It depends on his mood. He hates worksheets. That’s a constant. They have to be very short, or he won’t do them. He does a lot of math games on the Easy Peasy all in one homeschool website. This is helping. His school day has to be filled with lots of activities, constantly moving. My daughter is a lot like your Destiny. She is in 5th grade. She struggles with school, has trouble with memorization, struggles with comprehension, needs tons of manipulatives for math, etc. For math she is doing Teaching Textbooks Math 5, which is really 4th grade. She is doing really well with it, and is half way through. I work with her on skip counting for multiplication. I use the ones cubes on our base ten set to skip count by 2’s, 3’s, etc. I set up a skip count up to 20. Under each set, I put a number tile. Then I use more number tiles to make different multiplication problems, and she skip counts her way to the answer. It’s been helping her a lot. My husband and I have suffered loss several times. We both lost our Dads, and I haven’t seen my mom in over 20 years. All I can say is life is hard, but God will get us through somehow. Even though we are two different families, we have some things in common. Just remember, you are not alone. Hang in there.
    Your friend, Amy.

  2. Have you talked to your husband about how you are feeling? The wearing the hat to hide your tears thing you have going. I saw your latest youtube. Don’t hide those tears. It’s the normal grieving process, when you’ve lost someone close to you. Talk about it, journal it. It helps. Hugs from our family to yours.

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