Let’s Chat About It: “Mommy Meltdown”

How do you do it ALL? Aren’t you tired? You must be exhausted…with homeschooling, cleaning, meals, extracurricular activities, YouTube, and blogging? Do you ever rest? Do you even sleep? These are the subject lines of emails that I receive daily. 🙂 To be honest, I usually giggle a bit at the thought of being “Super Mommy” before typing back a crafty, encouraging response which usually starts with “OK, let’s put everything aside and take a few deep breaths…” Being a Mommy is the hardest job that I’ve ever had and then adding homeschooling, daily house cleaning, and all of the other “odds and ends” that fit within the “Mommy” job description greatly enhance the potential for “Mommy Meltdown” to occur. So, I’ve decided to share my totally secret (not really 🙂 ) recipe for avoiding the dreaded “Mommy Meltdown”… After beginning each day with a lengthy, detailed conversation with God, I plan my method of attack on paper (with full body armor of course, please see Ephesians 6:10-20). I start each day with “Plans A-C” for I never know which one I’m actually going to need. 🙂 It could be the cutest toddler tantrum, a loose tooth, an asthma attack, or an angry “autistic” outburst that derails my original plan and takes me completely off course. Back up plans have saved me on countless occasions! I could choose to toss in the towel and have a “tantrum” of my own because I have experienced all of the aforementioned occurrences in a single day but NO! Not me, for I am the self-proclaimed “Queen of Re-direction” and at the end of the day “pushing my way through” gives me such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. So, let’s chat about it! Share your “secret” recipe for total “Mommy Meltdown” avoidance! Until next time, Be Blessed!


  1. I stay flexible. I like the way you write down different plans just in case the original doesn’t work. Also, I try to have a good perspective because nothing is perfect and maybe we did just what we needed for the day.

  2. Prayer always! After that a big glass of sweet tea…caffeinated (hangs head in shame :/ )

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