Homeschool Resources

Educational Games
Anatomy Arcade
Cool Math
Learn ~ With ~ Math ~ Games (Grades K-12)
Mission US – Revolutionary Way to Learn History
KidsHealth in the Classroom (Health Lesson Plans)
National Institute of Mental Health Brain’s Inner Workings Activities (Grades 9-12)
American Government
Ancient Civilizations
Bringing Up Learners (Ancient History Grades K-6)
Historical Spotlight (Grades 6-12)
Stone Pages Virtual Tours of Historical Sites
The Abolition Project
US History
Language Arts 
Daily Grammar Free Lessons and Quizzes
Donna Young Printable Handwriting Lessons (Grades K-6)
Editable Handwriting Worksheets
Emily Dickinson Poems, Activities, Lessons
English Banana Grammar Courses
Handwriting Copycat Books
I see Sam Downloadable Readers (Grades K-2)
King County Library System (Pre K – 3)
LibriVox Free Public Domain Audio Books (Grades K-12)
Linguanaut (Foreign Languages Grades 5-12)
Mr. Donn’s Literature Lesson Plans
Mrs. Perkins Dolch Sight Words (Grades K-12)
National Treasures Downloadable Workbooks (Grades K-6)
Progressive Phonics Reading Program (grades K – 3)
Starfall Reading Games with Printable Worksheets (Grades K – 3)
The Baldwin Project Stories & Lessons (Grades K-6)
You Can Read Simple Sight Word Program (Ages 3-5)
Life Skills 
Actuarial Foundation Free Financial Literacy Curriculum (High School)
Comprehensive School Mathematics Program Full Curriculum (Grades K-6)
Harcourt Multimedia Math Glossary
Hummingbird Mathematics Activities
MathABC (Grades 1-6)
Purplemath Algebra Lessons (Grades 9-12)
Utah State Virtual Manipulatives (Pre K – 12)
Wolfgang Amade Mozart
US Dept. of Agriculture (Grade K)
US Dept. of Agriculture (Grades 1-6)
Physical Education
American Coal Foundation Energy Lesson Plans and Activities (Grades K-8)
American Physical Society Physics Site (All Grades)
Exploratorium Virtual Museum
JetStream Online Weather School
Mr. Q’s Classic Science (Grades 1-6)
National Geographic Kids
Online Biology Textbook
Science Mate Curriculum (Elementary, Secondary)
Scientific Names and Plant Families
Science NetLinks (Grades K-12)
Weather Wiz Kids
Social Studies 
Geography World
Multiple Subjects 
Apples4 Teachers (Includes Foreign Languages)
ClickSchooling (Web Based Curriculum Ideas)
Education World Free Materials For Teachers
Mrs. Fischer’s Kinder Themes (Grade K)
PBS: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (Ages 2-9)
U.S. Department of Interior Education Resources  (Grades K-12)
U.S. Department of USGS Education Resources (Geography & Science Grades K-12)



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  1. Hi, I was watching one of your videos on YouTube on why you choose to homeschool. You said something that kind of open my eyes. You mentioned you didn’t want an IEP for Nathan, can you please elaborate on that. I’m going through something similar with my little one, at the moment I’m waiting for school placement for him through the IEP. Any advice at all would deeply appreciated. I’m a bit hesitated about it and I feel like God is telling something by hearing you saying that.

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