Homeschool Curriculum “Shake-Up”

Have you ever made it half way through the homeschool year and realized that your homeschool curriculum just isn’t quite working? I’ve heard horror stories from fellow homeschoolers who spent thousands on curriculum only to toss it to the side and start from scratch. If this has happened to you, here are a few questions to ask yourself before heading to your nearest “all things homeschool” superstore or jumping online to begin countless hours of research. Did you consider realigning the given course of study with your projected course of study? Does your current curriculum fit your teaching style or the learning style of your kiddos? Is it possible to use the curriculum but alter your delivery so that it is better received by your kiddos? If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, don’t toss out your curriculum just yet!

We recently experienced a homeschool curriculum shake-up! My first thought was to toss it all and run! Thankfully, I came to my senses and asked myself the aforementioned questions, soon realizing that all was not lost! Luckily, I only needed to purchase more hands-on learning materials to supplement our current curriculum in order to meet the needs of our kiddos. I am currently knee-deep in restructuring both our homeschool curriculum and schedule and it feels absolutely amazing to know that not only was I able to meet our kiddos’ educational needs (with a few minor adjustments), I also saved our homeschool budget from taking a pretty hefty hit! So, if you are standing at the “homeschool curriculum” crossroads, stop and think (take a few days, if necessary) before tossing it in the nearest recycle bin! Until next time, Be Blessed!


  1. Majors-Math curriculum, Anatomy science Barns and Nobles. Biology, Chemistry, Physics may do Landry Academy for the majors. English/Grammar lots of different styles of writing. Look for HS/College level courses online. They are free and the teachers/professors put work online for their students. I don’t do grade levels. I give what my kiddos can handle. Yes-from middle school level to college/adult. I am going by my local college to see what they want. They want a lab in science so instead of buy all the equipment I will just have a homeschool co-op, Landry Academy outreach courses or UNC program to satisfy that requirement. Just came over NPR right now said that incoming freshmen take at least one remedial class in college. Standards are going to be changed they said.

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