Hello Darlings! Welcome to our NEW learning space! Direct links to the most popular items shared in our homeschool room tour can be found at: Erica’s Favorite Things Be Blessed!  

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Hello, Darlings! In today’s vlog…I’m sharing how to create super “easy” BUT effective homeschool lessons using any book! Enjoy! DON’T forget to THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE (It’s FREE!)…if you haven’t already! Until next time, Be Blessed!

“To Test or Not to Test”

Is testing within homeschool environments a necessity? I’m often asked this question and at times I ponder over my response. To be honest, I think that whether or not to administer weekly or quarterly tests while homeschooling depends on the homeschool environment (relaxed or structured). Weekly or quarterly testing might…

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“The Big K”

As I was introducing Aidan’s (4 years old) morning pre-k lesson a few weeks ago, I realized that he was looking over my shoulder as if he was longing for more…more excitement, more enthusiasm, more learning materials. How could that be? I mean I was reading the directions in my…

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“Mad Scientists Monday”

We recently overhauled our entire homeschool schedule in order to include even more hands-on learning as requested by our kiddos! “Mad Scientists Monday” is a huge hit! It all starts with a simple research question and soon becomes a full-blown science experiment to include: background investigations, forming a hypothesis, conducting…

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November Tot School Homework Calendar

Our November Tot School Calendar is now available for download on our “Busy Bee Printables” page. Be Blessed!

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Grace Academy “Busy Monday”

Another busy Monday is in the books here at Grace Academy! Head on over to our “Homeschool Hangout” for a glimpse of our “Busy Bees” in action! For all things 8th Grade, enter Nathan’s Lair. To check out the latest happenings in our 5th grade studies, hang out at Destinee’s Place.…

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